Press Release – “Them Yo People – Best Hospitality Tour”

“Them Yo People”, the Reality show starring you and your people celebrates the fourth year of the show by growing it’s additional market in
Kansas City, Jefferson City, Cape Girardeau, Sikeston and the Bootheel of Missouri alone with Nashville, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Since its debut, “Them Yo People!, featuring Mr. Gary as the host, has attracted thousands of viewers on a weekly basis. Using a man on the street format, the show goes into various communities to educate, engage, excite, and entertain its viewers. This program highlights the best and brightest in regards to hospitality, products, and businesses in many cities around America.
We are pleased to announce that “Them Yo People” will be embarking on its “Best Hospitality Tour”. The tour will include Mr. Gary visiting various cities and highlighting the best a city has to offer. Every city that the Hospitality Tour visits will be featured in a segment on the “Them Yo People”.
Does your city have the BEST restaurants, hotels, hot­spots, festivals, historical sites and people? Would you like the Hospitality Tour to land in your city You may keep up with “Them Yo People”, Mr. Gary, and their movements on the Twitter, Facebook Live, Instagram and of course, online at